Medical Tricorder: A Technology-Driven Revolution to Offer Better Healthcare Services

Healthcare is one of the continuously evolving industries supported by innovations in technology to offer better healthcare services. There are numerous equipment and devices that are developed to help during disease diagnosis and treatment procedures. The medical tricorder is one such handheld port

Rising Clinical Trials and Favorable Government Policies to Boost Diaphragm Pacing Therapy System Ma

Diaphragm pacing therapy involves the electric stimulation of diaphragm muscles and nerves of patients with the help of a battery-powered system. This diaphragm gets contracted and the air gets pulled into the lungs helping the patient to breathe comfortably. Diaphragm pacing plays a crucial role in

Rising Need for Early Detection of Diseases Drives Demand for Rapid Medical Diagnostic Kits

Rapid medical diagnostic tests are widely used for preliminary medical screening of patients. These are quick and easy to conduct diagnostic tests and can be carried out even in home settings. These diagnostic kits find applications in cholesterol testing, glucose testing, pregnancy testing, and man

Increasing Demand for Medical Holography Products in the research field Propel Market Growth

Holography can be defined as the modern science of producing holograms especially used as medical holography. It provides a unique experience of visualization of medical images of medical humanities. It empowers clinicians with intuitive comprehension of complex 3D structures which is helpful for me

Rise in Cases of COVID-19 globally Fueling Demand for COVID-19 Diagnostics

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused by novel coronavirus is posing a major threat to public health as well as economies across the globe. Rapid detection of viruses and effective diagnosis of infection play a key role to understand the diseases, controlling the disease spread, and selecting necessa

Increasing Government Funding for the Development of Marine Tourism to Lead Market Growth

The marine tourism industry and adventure sports have witnessed tremendous growth in recent times. Marine seats are widely used in super yachts, commercial vessels, pleasure boats, military crafts, workboats, and trawlers. Expanded vinyl also referred to as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) mostly used for t

Increasing Demand for Background Music at Commercial Spaces Fueling the Market Growth

Background music is a modern-day music performance in which it is not just about the music but also intentionally chosen to bring character and emotional responses. Nowadays, it plays a key role in modern residential and commercial spaces to give relaxation and concentration for potential listeners.

Increased Efforts for Innovating Product Offering to Fuel Demand for Special Effect Masterbatches

Special effect masterbatches generally include unique fillers or pigments to get different visual effects such as fluorescence, pearlescent, transparent, sparkle mist, metallic, etc. These epical masterbatches are a combination of pigments and additives that are used during the manufacturing of plas

Virtual Clinical Trials: New Technology Driven Approach for Better Patient Engagement

Virtual Clinical Trial (VCT) also known as the decentralized or remote trial is a new method of conducting clinical trials that take the support of advanced technologies such as electronic monitoring devices and apps along with web platforms. Virtual clinical trials are seen as an effective replacem

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Bringing Newest Advances in Diabetes Management

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) enables tracking of glucose levels of humans throughout the day and immediately alerts in case of major high or low levels. CGM is one of the newest advanced technologies that carry out glucose measurements at regular intervals and translating them into data that

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